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Epsilon: Only 12% of Large Organizations Achieve A Unified View of Customers

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Epsilon announced on September 14, 2016, its study in North America that explored “digital marketing priorities, realities around data management capabilities, and how to develop unified customer profiles.”

The research exercise, which surveyed 220 brands and business-marketing executives, was carried out in conjunction with Epsilon’s digital marketing business, Conversant, and in partnership with global research firm Econsultancy.

One of the main findings reported by Epsilon is that “while over 40% of large organizations surveyed report having integrated data sources in place, when looking deeper at the integration of specific sources such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), channel and behavioral data, the number of large organizations with a unified view of customers across devices, time, and media drops to only 12% of the sample.”

Conversant’s President, Ric Elert, explained: “We’re well past the point of serving a single ad and hoping the right people see it. The ‘spray and pray’ tactics of old are a tremendous waste that don’t benefit marketers or their consumers. It simply annoys everyone. By joining online and offline data, marketers can develop a single, anonymous profile of each of their consumers that allows them to deliver unique and relevant messaging. And depending on their digital marketing partner, they can do so at scale, eliminating a significant waste in their ad spend.”

In terms of the priorities for 2017, 86% pointed to a focus on “integrated customer experience across devices and media and growing an addressable audience.” Furthermore, while 84% of respondents described “identifying users, personalizing messaging and measuring impact” as “very important to growth,” only 10-14% reported “strong capabilities in these areas.”

The full report published by Epsilon is available [behind an e-mail gate] here.

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