Since the first Terminator movie in 1984, there have been predictions of AI generated content, data driven marketing and automation systems, which would miraculously replace marketing teams with data scientists with the promise to engage over 82% of your online and offline traffic. That time is now!

This article will look at the new Heroes of Marketing – Data driven marketers, MarTech solutions and their specialists – and what we should expect from them by the end of 2017.

Data analysis plays an important role in evaluating the rate of success in execution of brand and engagement campaigns. Marketers use data to identify what to test and which versions of content to choose from. Data driven marketing was still just a fad as recently as 2015 and 48% of the CEOs still don’t understand the need to hire data scientists, instead often relying on popular industry trends. A simple example is AV sponsors at FIFA, Formula 1 or other major sporting events – almost 70% of the ads displayed have little to no relevance to the sport and very little is done to connect online and offline campaigns.


Global Revenue in “Digital Advertising” will amount to US$227,802 million in 2017. The market’s largest segment is “Search Advertising” with a market volume of US$102,547m in 2017, over 75% of it coming through mobiles.  – via Statista


Google understands the need of generating reports for all campaigns and has removed all limitations from the number of reports generated in Data Studio. In fact, Google insists on marketing to be more data oriented to engage in smarter brand experience. After all, this is what feeds in to the billions of lines of code which help position smart companies in Search Engine Ranking.

In AdWords, marketers can upload first party customer data and then target both display and search ads based on both the uploaded (first-party) and Google (third-party) data. Facebook offers you similar features, where you can choose who to advertise to dependent on profile and targeting requirements.

While the role of data scientists is evolving, so are the solutions they use to help deliver on the promises of better customer insights and intelligence.

At Savage Marketing, this June we will feature unique enterprises that have built-in analytics features to move away from gut enriched marketing to one which follows hard facts and customer behaviour patterns.

Zarget – Zarget is a new age Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) company, which adds real-time, neat visualisations of data – including dynamic heat maps – right on your own website – all with the addition of only one code snippet!

Online marketers everywhere remember: if you want conversion you need to understand when and what makes your leads tick.

Buffer – Since the inception of social media, marketers everywhere have been clamouring to create viral social content. A fairly new contender in the industry, Buffer has cornered the market from the likes of Hubspot, Eloqua and Hootsuite to become the platform of choice.

Buffer adds a unique twist to its analytics by showing you influencers in your network and how your posts, images and reports or tweets perform. It even shows you when and what posts are performing better. Make use of their 14-day analytics trial.

VWO – Coined as the world’s easiest AB testing software, it literally generates relevant data for every campaign you run. Apart from calculating the conversion rate of each design, VWO alerts you when any version is statistically better than the original. These insights are critical to making quick business decisions.

  • Know which designs produce maximum conversions
  • Track multiple conversion goals at the same time
  • Validate results through statistical methods

The pricing isn’t too bad either, after all they do hail from India which has provided some of the Fortune 500 with the leading data scientists today.

iProspect – One of the world’s leading digital performance agency. Gone are the days when you could churn out content for the sake of better SEO. You now get penalised for it. iProspect leverages audience intent and signals from search and social channels. They help companies create contextually relevant content that boosts search engine relevancy and engages the intended individual.

One of the few solutions to have good predictive indicators on where and when your audience are likely to act or convert.

Oracle – A giant in the industry that has developed and continues to innovate in marketing space. The Oracle Marketing Cloud has consistently improved its data analysis, created enhanced engagement opportunities, orchestrated micro moment experiences, connected data points across the customer journey, and optimised interactions on a system that marketers love and IT trusts.

If you are serious about developing a data driven marketing approach which envelops the entirety of your marketing and advertising function – register now. Till Faida, the CEO of Ad Block Plus, will share insights on what percentage of your budgets is actually making a difference and why consumers have chosen to BLOCK YOUR ADS.

Eddie de Guia, CEO Pubnative the world’s leading programmatic publisher and mobile marketing expert will talk about the need to have a mobile driven marketing approach and how this affects conversions and your SEO ranking.

Alex Skatell, CEO Independent Journal Review will talk about creating content that matters and how to differentiate your selves from the millions of publications and news channels available today. What does this have to do with data you say?

These amazing individuals have created a data driven approach to every aspect of their marketing and rely on hard facts to back good practices. As David Arnoux, a leading authority on growth hacking says, “a growth hacker is a combination of traditional marketing backed by data who dreams of improving marketing science.”

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