Constantly stressed out, over-caffeinated, and in a perpetual state of multi-tasking  that’s the life of a modern marketer. This doesn’t come as a surprise either. Expectations of professionals in marketing continue to grow. 50% of CEOs see CMOs as the primary driver of disruptive growth in a company. The flip side is that 37% of CEOs say that the CMO would be the first to be fired if a company fails to achieve such growth. So, as you juggle email marketing, customer experience, content, chatbots, influencers, social media, mobile advertising, and try to keep up with the hottest new trend on the market in an attempt to bring it all together in one semi-coherent strategy, it is easy to lose your focus and to generally start questioning your life choices.

However, are you really behind? Below are the some of the biggest trends in marketing and data on just how common their adoption is among marketers. Where do you fall on this scale?


In a study conducted by Retale, where it polled 500 millenials, 58% of respondents have had interactions with a chat bot on social media. Even those who did not have such interaction stated they would be interested to do so (53%).

The survey conducted by Mindbowser revealed that 75% of its participants are planning to build a chatbot for their business in 2017. This is both good and bad news. If your marketing is not utilizing this AI-based tool, the good news is that most of your competitors aren’t yet either. The bad news is that in just a year’s time, you will be behind.


While hardly a new trend, automation remains an integral part to marketing success. According to Marketo, “91% of users believe that marketing automation is ‘very important’ to the overall success of their marketing across channels.” And for good reason: Forrester reports that B2B marketers who implement marketing automation software increase their sales pipeline contribution by an average of 10%. In fact, marketing automation was amongst the most piloted marketing technologies of 2015 based on Salesforce data.

So what’s the adoption rate? Emailmonday says that approximately 49% of companies are currently using marketing automation. How do you stack up?


Programmatic media buying increases engagement, drives more sales, and delivers higher ROI. Already back in 2014, companies like P&G were planning to run between 70% and 75% of ads programmatically. Econsultancy reported that last year US programmatic digital display ad spending were set to reach USD 22.10 billion, which is a 39.7% increase from 2015.

If you have yet to get started on programmatic advertising, don’t worry: the global average of programmatic penetration is 31%. However, if you are based in the US or certain countries in Europe that number is higher, so it’s a good idea to at least dip your toes in this area.


It’s common knowledge by now that, as of the last couple of years, consumption of content via a mobile has surpassed that via a desktop. The more we use mobile devices in our daily lives, the higher are our expectations. That’s why 29% of smartphone users will not give your site a second chance and will immediately switch to another site if it is not optimized for a mobile or takes too long to load. AMPs were a natural outcome.

Adobe Analytics reports that between April and December last year the amount of AMPs on the web grew by 405%. Were your pages among them? While AMP is not a factor that impacts your search engine ranking (not yet anyways), it does affect the number of clicks you get, bounce rates and, ultimately, conversion rates and, as a result, your Google standing.


Virtual and augmented reality holds much potential for marketers. However, the market is rather messy at the moment and only a limited number of companies managed to achieve tangible results by integrating VR or AR tech in their marketing campaigns. The costs are higher than what most executives would feel justified in spending. “Interactive video production carries direct costs anywhere from USD 30,000 to USD 60,000 per minute,” says Vincent Cacace, founder and CEO of Vertebrae, a VR marketing firm.

However, while the market may be savage at the moment, one thing that all industry experts and thought leaders agree on is that AR and VR are here to stay and are the future of marketing. So, it’s not the worst idea to start getting your marketing department ready for when this tech becomes mainstream – keeping yourself posted on case studies, keeping an eye on the tech market and new releases and thinking of budget ramifications.


With mobile driving marketing, location based marketing strategies are on the rise. In 2016 75% of brand marketers believed that it is an important element to their business. They are not mainstream just yet, though, so this is your chance to get an upper hand. According to Forrester Research, less than 10% of retailers are focusing on these tactics in the coming year.

Every day you see articles along the lines of ‘Top 10 Trends in Marketing in 2017.’ There is so much information on how to optimize your strategy and marketing toolkits that as a marketer you often times feel overwhelmed. Which trend should you chase? All of them? Perhaps it’s better to just focus on one and get it right? There is no one right answer, however, making these decisions is much easier when you hear how other companies managed to utilize the latest trends successfully.

That’s exactly why you should join us this June for Savage Marketing 2017 – an event for marketing teams, where you will learn not simply about the latest trends in SEO, mobile, MarTech/AdTech, CRO, and data-driven marketing, but will hear from industry leaders a step-by-step explanation of how they successfully implemented innovative strategies.


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