The fear of being ‘off the grid’ is far too real in 2017. And the relationship between you and your mobile is more intense and dependent than ever, making mobile marketing a key channel for a marketer’s strategy. So, what is trending in Mobile Marketing right now?!

Geo-fencing – You might have seen those location-based alerts pop up on your mobile, and, if you accept them, you then receive a notification giving you a discount, for example. That’s geo-fencing, a location-based digital marketing tool that lets marketers send messages directly to mobile users in a defined geographic area. It places virtual fences around local businesses and targets those people who cross the fences with advertisements.

While it’s been around for a while, marketers are now targeting their competitors with a geo-fence, then placing a conversation geo-fence around their location.

Chatbots – You’ve probably already had conversations with these AI programs that serve a specific function within an app. While often associated with customer service, for marketers chatbots provide an opportunity to increase engagement without coming across as pushy. Now marketers can interact with users in a more accessible and value adding way, while encouraging engagement in the process.

AR – You might say AR is nothing more than a marketing ‘fad’, or you may say that VR is where we should be looking. But with VR being such a niche market – for now – we must look at what we can utilize at the moment, and that’s AR. When it comes to mobile marketing, we’re going to see an increase in the use of AR location analytics as with AR it will allow us to track the movements of our mobile users. It can help us with segmentation, attrition and omni-channel integrations.

Deep Linking – Mobile App deep linking is becoming more important in our customer-centric marketing world. A mobile app deep link will point to content directly inside an app. Deep links help brands create a more optimized user experience driving app growth, conversions, as well as user engagement and retention.

Zero-rating – Facebook Zero launched in 2010, but the one I’m talking about launched in 2014. It has recently gained popularity, and numerous telecommunications companies are getting into the game. A company can now host ‘zero-rating content’, and easily add a few advertisements throughout it. Advertisers can get more exposure, and will begin to associate your brand with ‘free’ user friendly content.

With all of that in mind, at Savage we’re here to lend a helping hand in order for you to better develop your own mobile marketing strategy. Our Savage Marketing event in Amsterdam this June has a dedicated mobile marketing track, so you can get to understand what’s trending in mobile marketing in 2017 and learn how to implement various strategies in-house.



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