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Conversion Optimisation: Interview with Zarget CEO Arvind Parthiban

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We all want to get more value from our visitors and from the users we have already. By employing effective Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategies you can increase revenue per visitor, acquire more customers, and grow your business.

We caught up with Zarget’s CEO and Co-Founder, Arvind Parthiban, to get the inside scoop on everything CRO-related.

S: To start, tell us a bit about Zarget and what its aim is?

AP: Zarget is an all-in-one CRO suite with tools to analyze and optimise websites for more conversions. Our aim is to solve the pain marketers face when trying to optimise websites. We want to make the process simple and build a strong integration value for our product.

Coding knowledge is not required to start using Zarget and the chrome plugin makes setting A/B tests simple. The heatmaps support dynamic elements and all our tools work even beyond login pages!

S: What does conversion optimisation mean to you? And why is it so important in 2017?

AP: As marketers, CRO connected with us on a personal level. It is a nascent industry but is all set to become the next big thing in terms of improving the user experience and boosting revenue with existing traffic.

As SEO becomes more and more mature with time, the opportunity to generate more revenue with the traffic you already have lies with CRO.

S: What’s the biggest mistake you see when it comes to conversion optimisation, and what are the indicators a company needs to be more involved?

AP: Prioritization of tests is important in CRO. There are a lot of interesting tests you can run to get insights but without a framework to decide which test carries more value it becomes a wild hunt. The type of framework that you adapt does not matter as long as your CRO process is structured.

The biggest mistake we see is treating CRO as a one-time activity! This is a completely wrong approach as websites are living, breathing organisms with ever-changing visitor preferences. Optimization should be a continuous process to ensure best results at all times.

A couple of indicators that point that a company needs to be more invested in CRO are conversion results not directly translating to increase in revenue and the excessive presence of false positives in the tests. False positives in Conversion Rate Optimization is when you get a winning result not because it is the best variation but because of external factors. It indicates that the experiment has not been set up at the right time.

S: What piece of advice would you give marketers about utilizing CRO technology in the future?

AP: A lot of marketers do not look for integrated value and rely on multiple tools to run tests. The problems with juggling data on multiple tools is that the possibility of data pollution is high meaning that, more often than not, incorrect results creep in.

Zarget handles this by providing powerful integration with analytics platforms and also has all the CRO tools you will need in one place.

S: What’s the next step in the Zarget story that readers can expect?

AP: Our roadmap for the future includes personalisation on a huge scale. We want to help marketers personalise every test and ensure the results derived are comprehensive. Zarget is also working on mobile testing and we will announce more on this very soon.

S: As an exhibitor at the Savage Marketing 2017 conference, what are you looking forward to most? 

AP: This is our first ever conference in Europe and we are very excited about it. Getting the chance to meet with fellow marketers from one of the biggest markets and having a look at how optimisation works in their companies. We are eager to share best practices and learn the trends while connecting with potential customers.


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