On August 30, 2017, Umbel, a first-party data management platform for sports and entertainment organizations, officially announced the launch of an innovative in-game offering to help keep fans engaged during time stoppages.

According to the press release, Umbel’s Activations such as trivia, meme generators, or fan polls add new fans to sports franchises’ databases, and with Facebook authentication, can pull hundreds of datapoints in a single tap.

With the NFL, NBA and NHL seasons right around the corner, Umbel seized an innovative opportunity to interact with fans via a mobile device at the start of the season, as future encouragement to continue to attend games and support their favorite teams. The Scavenger Hunt will help motivate fan participation, and in return, the organization will receive in-depth metrics and data points on the type of consumers in attendance.

“We’re thrilled to launch our Scavenger Hunt campaign in light of the upcoming major U.S. season openers,” said Natasha Morgan, VP of Marketing at Umbel. “We have the ability to offer fans an entirely new dimension of in-game entertainment. By participating in this scavenger hunt, organizations can activate their fans’ Facebook engagement to help provide an even better in-game experience.”

Utilizing these tools, the data collected in-game from fans will help translate into attendance improvements and continued engagement during in-game stoppage of play. Providing ticket holders with continued engagement encourages consumers to participate while providing information that will help brands better target marketing efforts to successfully make sales and secure a loyal fan base. The service follows a three step model:

  • Step 1: Clients select “stations” in which clues will be found during the hunt. Incorporating digital assets such as meme generators, polls or basic trivia establishes a multi-dimensional playing field.
  • Step 2: Activate the scavenger hunt in your venue, online, by email or on social.
  • Step 3: Analyze the success, provide your sales team with detailed fan data or decide to redesign the hunt for another event and tweak your research question.

Image source: umbel.com

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