Reddit has announced that it rolled out a beta of the new Reddit ads dashboard to all advertisers. 

Advertisers can access the new dashboard by logging into Reddit ads and visiting the link to the beta dashboard at the top of the existing Reddit ads dashboard, the company informed. It further announced the following updated features:

The use of breakdowns to better understand the performance of ads and to improve targeting. The new dashboard supports breakdowns by the following: 

  • Subreddit and Interest — Subreddits and Interests are the main ways to target your campaigns. You can now see how your ads are performing by each subreddit or interest. 
  • Geography — You can use Country or Designated Market Area (DMA) to break down your performance by location. 
  • Platform — View your campaign metrics for both web and mobile web impressions. 
  • Date — View more details about your campaigns for each day they have run. 

Advertisers can now also customize columns to report only on the metrics they care about. In addition to now tracking conversions, with this release, they can view engagement metrics, such as Upvotes and Downvotes, directly in the dashboard. 

Lastly, filter to quickly find campaigns and ads and view only the details cared about was added. 

“We’ve been working hard on new functionality that will help you create and manage campaigns more successfully with Reddit Ads. We’ll be adding new features to the updated dashboard as time goes on, so stay tuned,” the announcement read.

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