Kentico Software has unveiled on December 11, 2017, its flagship Enterprise Marketing Solution: Kinetico 11.

“Kentico has long been known as a workhorse, recognized for its ease of use, for getting the job done, and for putting CMS technology within reach of companies of all sizes,” stated Petr Palas, Founder and CEO of Kentico Software. “But today, we are raising the bar quite dramatically. Kentico 11 is now fully featured and industrial strength, able to support the digital marketing and commerce initiatives of the world’s largest and most demanding corporations.”

According to the company, the release features improvements at both the functional and strategic level. “In terms of in-house engineering, we have designed a brand-new Email Marketing engine featuring incredibly easy-to-use, drag-and-drop capability,” explained Karol Jarkovsky, Vice President of Product. “We also re-wrote our e-commerce engine from the ground up so that we’re delivering a very potent CMS and e-commerce solution for small businesses, midsize companies, and even some large corporations.”

GDPR Capabilities Baked In. Jarkovsky continues, “But we didn’t stop there. At the strategic level, we have created a number of capabilities that will help businesses comply with the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.” GDPR is a piece of legislation produced by the European Union that is going to impact digital marketers not only on the European continent, but all around the globe when it comes into effect in mid-2018. This is one of Kentico’s thought leadership areas, an area where we have invested a significant amount of time and expertise.”

Salesforce, Marketo, and Dynamics CRM Connectors Enable Greater Connectivity. Rolling out in the coming weeks are integrations to a variety of other platforms that make up the typical company’s technology stack, including, Marketo, and Dynamics CRM. Data will be able to flow seamlessly between Kentico 11 and these other widely-used technologies.

Upcoming Combination of Kentico 11 and Ucommerce Going to Be “Tough to Beat.” Even though Kentico’s main target is midsize businesses, the company recognizes that a growing number of Fortune 500 and Global Fortune 500 companies are using its platform. So, one more major change was announced to sweeten the pot for these larger businesses: As part of the ongoing rollout of Kentico 11’s extensions, Kentico has made the strategic decision to partner with Ucommerce, a widely recognized and highly-regarded vendor in the e-commerce space. “This combination of Kentico 11 and Ucommerce is going to be tough to beat,” noted Jarkovsky. “We view it as a content-first, commerce-first solution capable of handling the digital marketing and commerce needs of the world’s leading corporations.”

A full list of Kentico 11’s capalibities as presented by the company is below:

Online Marketing

  • Extensive, built-in data privacy management support for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
    • Helps partners and clients streamline GDPR compliance
    • Personal dataflow documentation
    • Consents management
    • Right to Access: Access all the data processed about a specific data subject
    • Right to Data Portability: Export personal data in commonly used, structured, and machine-readable format
    • Right to be Forgotten (Right for Erasure): Ability to delete collected personal data 
  • Email marketing
    • Designed from the ground up with the emphasis on ease of use
    • Drag-and-drop widgets to help non-technical users produce modern looking and responsive emails
    • Clean HTML output and CSS in-lining
    • Personalization
    • A/B Testing
    • Plaintext support
    • “View in Browser” support
    • Pre-header
  • Enhanced Reporting
    • Email marketing and campaign insights
    • Contact touch points
    • Personas history
  • Salesforce CRM, Dynamics CRM, and Marketo Connectors (Soon to be released)
    • Integrate your digital marketing and sales efforts by connecting Kentico EMS to these often used technology stack solutions


  • Kentico has rebuilt its native e-commerce engine from scratch, affording small, midsize, and larger businesses with a fully integrated CMS/e-commerce platform. Improvements include:
    • New modular architecture for flexible customizations and extensibility
    • New cart calculation, tax calculation, and discounting engine
    • Product catalog categories, styles, and brands
    • Gift cards and multiple coupons support
    • Scalability
    • Authorize and capture support
    • Google Analytics e-commerce tracking to correlate sales data with website usage data
    • Faceted Search
  • Plus, Kentico is introducing an integration to the widely used and highly popular Ucommerce platform that addresses solutions for the most difficult, multichannel situations; Kentico 11 plus Ucommerce will equal a world class, content-first, commerce-first solution


  • Azure Search integration
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