ZIG, a mobile media technology platform, was launched on January 15, 2018 on iOS and at zig.com.

Founded by Joshua James, Adam Platzner and John Tornow, ZIG is attempting to “fundamentally alter the publishing model by changing the way people engage with and consume media. In real-time, ZIG collects millions of pieces of content, including articles, photos, videos and more, from publishers around the world and remixes it, blends it, and feeds it back to users in an immersive hyper consumption stream. Links, headlines, text and fluff are removed and all content is initially distilled into a photo or video.”

Early ZIG investor and former Vanity Fair Editor-in-Chief Graydon Carter helped lead a group of institutional and private investors from the entertainment, media, technology and finance industries including Quincy Jones, Ron Meyer, Vivi Nevo, and Live Nation, among others. 

“ZIG addresses the problem that publishers have had since the dawn of the Internet – their content is built around an ad model that doesn’t make for an ideal user experience. At ZIG we’ve completely altered the way content is consumed,” said co-founder and CEO Joshua James. “We set out to create a revolutionary product that eliminates the need to toggle between websites and apps to find the news about the people and things that matter most to you.”

Initially utilizing social media history, ZIG starts by intuitively knowing what its users care about and delivers tailored content through a fast, seamless on-boarding. Each content stream is customized, personal and different from the next. Users see content based on their personal affinity for topics and personalities throughout pop-culture, politics, sports, entertainment, business, fashion, music, art, and more. Although it shakes up the existing global media ecosystem, ZIG will ultimately drive more traffic to publishers as users are able to consume substantially more content then they are now, because every piece of content served on ZIG will be relevant to its user.

Additionally, ZIG’s social features allow users to interact with and share media in a unique way through the patent pending and incredibly addictive “Zig React” feature. Using a photo or GIF, users can react to content by superimposing their physical reaction on top of the content and share the resulting image across existing social platforms, email and text.

“Josh, Adam, and their team have created an innovative and compelling new mobile-first media platform that I believe will find a wide and dedicated audience,” said Graydon Carter. “I plan to be an active investor and will help them in any way that I can.”

“ZIG is exciting not only for what it does, but for how it does it. ZIG remixes what’s published and delivers it to people in a way that allows them to consume incredible amounts of content, while simultaneously sending traffic to publishers and promoting participation across existing social media platforms,” says co-founder and president Adam Platzner. “We’ve built a platform that finally brings media into the 21st century, prioritizing the consumer, while creating value for everyone involved.” 

The first product will be available in iOS with Android and mobile web to follow shortly at ZIG.com.

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