Pixability has launched what it described as “the industry’s first self-service ad buying platform, with integrated brand safety, for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.”

Pixability claims its patented technology empowers advertisers to plan, buy, and measure their video advertising in a single interface, and unifies cross-platform campaigns through a data-driven, platform-agnostic approach. “With recent estimates that Google and Facebook accounted for 84% of all digital media investments and 186% of ad growth in 2017,” the company argued its solution allows advertisers to put their ad dollars to work more efficiently on the video platforms that matter most.

“By using Pixability’s self-serve platform to execute our YouTube ad campaigns, we saw dramatically faster campaign set up times, and increased performance through access to premium audiences, and automated pacing and optimization,” said Doug Grumet, AMP Agency SVP Integrated Media. “Being able to use a single technology platform for the entire campaign lifecycle for YouTube — from planning to execution to reporting — is a major benefit to our media team, both in terms of internal effectiveness and the results we can deliver to our clients.”

Pixability’s self-service software uses advanced data science and machine learning to help advertisers seamlessly forecast their campaigns, reach their desired audience, and measure the impact of their advertising across premium video platforms. Users have access to Pixability’s integrated brand safety solution which combines proprietary technology – including Moat viewability and anti-fraud verification at scale – and human review in a multi-step, advertiser-specific filtering process, to guarantee the most brand-appropriate results for every campaign. Pixability’s self-service solution enables advertisers to:

  • Isolate premium audiences and brand-safe placements at scale across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Pixability scans 7.8M+ YouTube channels (9x more than other technologies) and hundreds of millions of videos across platforms.
  • Programmatically generate customized, complex cross-platform campaigns, with 500+ campaign variations tested simultaneously, and 5X faster campaign setup than in-platform tools.
  • Leverage Pixability’s proven bid and budget optimization engine to pace campaigns with 100% accuracy, and maximize performance in real-time.
  • Unite premium video reporting and analysis in a single dashboard, with normalized performance and cost metrics – including Moat viewability data – that lets advertisers understand their campaign results across platforms on an apples-to-apples basis.

“As advertisers allocate more of their media spend to digital video — primarily on YouTube and Facebook — and also increasingly shift their media buying in-house, Pixability’s self-service solution fills a critical void in the market,” said Alan Beiagi, Pixability’s Chief Product Officer. “With this technology at their fingertips, advertisers can finally stop buying walled garden video ads in silos, and instead approach their campaign planning, buying, and measurement holistically.”

Image source: Pixability

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