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Growth marketing is the practice through which your team is trained in tech, product development and marketing, data analytics and is able to respond consistently as well as proactively to the needs of your audience and customers.

Ferdinand Goetzen - RecruiteeSavage Marketing connected with Ferdinand Goetzen, Head of Growth at Recruitee and a former colleague of David Arnoux, one of the thought leaders in this space. We spoke in length over the concerns of GDPR compliance, the evolution of digital marketing practices and the essence of growth and product marketing.

S. Congrats on the new position of developing and leading a growth marketing team at Recruitee. What have you been up to since October 2017?

FG: Thanks a lot! My first couple of months were all about getting to know the product better, creating a strategy behind our data analytics and establishing a growth team and a process for experimentation. We spent a lot of time testing new things and trying to run experiments that are highly scalable.

Growth Model - Recruitee

This year we are looking to expand the Growth Department further and work on some really ambitious projects around inbound, funnel marketing, automation and user segmentation. Our goal is to create a seamless and personalized user journey flow from A to Z. This isn’t something that just the Growth Department is working on; it’s something the entire company is contributing to.

S. GDPR is on every digital marketers mind, from compliance to new set of rules to add to the strategy. How is Recruitee preparing for the new EU regulations?
Is there a set of ‘to-dos’ or rules to adhere to become GDPR compliant?

FG: We take the GDPR very seriously and have been very vocal about how important it is going to be for companies to adapt. For me, there are 2 dimensions to the GDPR; on the one hand, your product needs to be GDPR-compliant, on the other, your marketing and growth tactics need to be compliant as well.

From the product perspective, it has been our goal to spearhead GDPR compliance in the recruitment tech sphere. We have taken steps to ensure that all companies using Recruitee are 100% GDPR-compliant, including new features (e.g. a data-retention period), helpful guides and hiring a Data Protection Officer. It is vital for us to bridge the gap between the legal and the technical aspects of data protection.

On the marketing and growth side, we have been compliant with the GDPR for some time because we have always focused on ethical marketing and producing real value for our users and followers.
Marketing these days needs to be all about creating value and I hope that the GDPR will reduce spammy email content and force marketers to confront their vanity metrics. Having 20,000 email subscribers isn’t worth much if none of them would voluntarily opt back into your email list.
If you create a lot of value and you are open about your customer acquisition tactics, you don’t need to worry about GDPR….and that’s coming from me – a former old school black-hat marketer.

S. Companies churn out gigabytes of data every day, especially if your interaction is with millions of people regularly. How has your experience over the last 8 years influenced your data driven marketing strategy at Recruitee?

FG: At the end of the day, marketing needs to be all about data. It is through valuable data that we can make better decisions, prioritize our resources and effectively validate our assumptions. There are still too many marketers making decisions and developing strategies without having the right data.
In SaaS, accurate data tracking and attribution is a big challenge and the companies that have mastered this are also the ones whose growth strategies have been most effective.
For us, data comes first and the rest comes after. It allows us to double down on and scale what works and not waste time on flawed assumptions.

S. AI in marketing has been a hot topic since late 2016 with companies looking for competitive edge, seamless customer experience and stronger data driven decision making and strategy execution. Where is the market truly at and will Recruitee see machine learning and AI implementation in 2018?

FG: Data is only going to become more important with the rise of data science and machine learning, which now gives us the ability to better understand our target audience, to predict certain behaviour and to target people more effectively than ever before.
To do this, you need to have a lot of clean and accurate data and somebody with the right skillset to process it. That being said, having a great data scientist alone is not enough. If you want to leverage ‘AI’ for Growth, it is vital that those involved in your growth strategy (CMO, Head of Growth, Marketing Managers, etc) have a decent understanding of what data science is and how it can be used. This is something we’ve been working on a lot at Recruitee, having people with experience in AI and machine learning on both the product and the growth side.

S. Can you name a few solution providers your have worked with in data analytics/ predictive analytics for digitally engaged companies?

FG: Data being at the core of everything we do, a large part of our marketing stack is composed of a series of data analytics tools.

For the top of the funnel, we use Google Analytics and HubSpot. For deeper in the funnel, we use Intercom, Amplitude, Mixpanel and Hotjar. We also use ChartMogul and GeckoBoard for data summarisation and visualisation and Dataiku for cleaning up and working with data sets.

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