Building brand love in the youth market can sometimes be a challenge, however, BAM Student Marketing, based in the UK, are here to explain how brands can do this successfully and engage today’s youth through effective youth marketing campaigns.

Understand your audience

The key to executing a successful and effective campaign is to understand your audience. What do they want from a brand? What do they want from your brand? What motivates them to purchase?
Market insight is vital for any brands marketing strategy. In an ever changing market, keeping ahead of changes in trends and behaviours is pivotal.

Youth Engagement

Therefore BAM always advise brands to do their research. Conducting pre and post campaign research will not only provide brands with lucrative insight to enable them to form the most effective marketing campaign but it will also provide them with the evidence to assess the impact and success of a campaign.

Use the right message and tone

Tim Bodenham, Managing Director of BAM Student Marketing explains;

“We see year on year countless brands not understanding how important tone and message is when connecting with youth and that many should consider rethinking how they plan a youth marketing campaign and talk to this audience. Interacting with youth using generic brand communication guidelines just doesn’t cut it, it is not enough. This demographic is open minded, but you need to be engaging and interesting.“

Millennials and generation Z’s place a higher value on transparency and straight talking language. ‘What you see is what you get’ has become the new essential must, with youth now on the lookout for brands that they can take at face value and that deliver what they promise.

Tim adds;
“Look at how brands are successfully engaging with youth and notice the way in which they communicate with them. Build this into your own bespoke communication plan for the youth market, maintain your brand identity and engage with this young audience”

Offer value exchange

The youth of today want value exchange. Brands have to give them something they want and need to overcome any demotivators to buy. Brands are mistaken by thinking that being the cheapest is the best way to attract youth consumers. Now whilst they love a discount, there must be a distinct value exchange. If brands get the value exchange right, cost is not a demotivator to buy.

Cadbury's Double Decker Bus
Cadbury’s Double Decker Tour Bus 2017. Youth surrounded this interactive adventure soft play and slide bus, receiving free chocolate bars

Be creative

This market is apt for being more creative with your ideas and being more exciting in your marketing methods. Be interesting. Unleash the fun and unleash the creativity. We have found that campaigns with some form of drama, jeopardy or gamification associated to them gain significantly higher levels of engagement and enhanced results. However, this isn’t about being all singing and all dancing. You don’t need to blow the budget with creative overkill.

Youth Marketing 2

Ian Pain, Director of BAM Student Marketing explains:
“Simple, honest and fun are three powerful words when it comes to creating a youth marketing campaign. Create a promotion that gives them something something they can engage with, something they can interact with and get involved with, something that will leave a lasting impression”

Deliveroo Cyclone Tour 2016

Be relevant

The student market is a lake of opportunity, something your competition probably already know. When planning your campaign you need to assess what it will take for you to be 1% more relevant than your competition and then deliver on this. Understanding the motivators and demotivators of youth when they are deciding whether or not to purchase your services or goods, is invaluable information which you can use to ensure you are relevant to your target audience.

Choose the right channels for your brand

Kirsty Pritchard, Assistant Director of BAM Student Marketing explains:

“Within the UK there are over 3,000 different media channels alone when targeting youth in higher education, all claiming that they can reach the youth audience, it’s a minefield for any brand to know which route to take. All channels will have their merits and so it really comes down to what your objectives are and the nature of your campaign. There is no quick fix. No supermedia that will deliver a 100% success rate every time”

BAM’s advice for any brand is to get face to face with the youth audience. Get tactile and engage with them. Face to face as a single interaction has it’s benefits and you can gain invaluable insight. However to attract new customers, brands need to utilise several avenues in order to maximise your message exposure.

Check out BAM’s latest case studies showcasing the brands that are getting it right and executing successful and effective marketing campaigns.

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