Mobile is the new norm and while companies churn out regular content, very few actually engage and rarer still convert with their content strategy.

2018 has been a great year for content marketers utilising key tech to create increased personalisation, localised marketing, adopting immersive content and much more. However, there are some brands who have taken content engagement to a whole new level inspite of GDPR, a myriad of channels and audience preferences.

Egle Stropute, Growth Marketer – StartupAmstedam

Egle StrooputeAbout Egle: She is a growth marketer currently working with StartupAmsterdam and consults startups in online marketing and digital growth strategies.
Company: StartupAmsterdam’s role is to showcase Amsterdam’s startup community, and accelerate opportunities for everyone: startups, scaleups, talent, corporates, investors, mentors and other startup cities.
Number of Employees: 13 employees

Fun Fact: StartupAmsterdam is building Amsterdam’s startup & tech ecosystem like never before with already a network of 80+ corporates.

Pamela Hsieh, Head of Marketing EMEA – Alipay

Pamela Hsieh, Alipay

About Pamela: Prior to Alipay, Pamela successfully launched Alibaba in Brazil, and headed brand marketing and strategy in the UK. Currently she heads all marketing and advertising for Alipay.
Presentation will cover: Mobile marketing, Chinese Consumer marketing, eCommerce
Presentation time: 13th June at 11:30 am
Company: Alipay was initially designed as a payment gateway to TaoBao the B2C arm of Alibaba Group. Due to the unexpected adoption of Alipay as an ewallet, it transformed its services into a financial institution.
Number of Employees: 66,000+ employees
Fun Fact: Alipay holds 82% of all ecommerce payments made in China.

Bram Kokke, Global Mobile Lead – AkzoNobel

bram kokke, AkzoNobel

About Bram: He leads the mobile strategy at AkzoNobel and spear heads the VR app along with Corrine Avelines. He is also an advisor to the AR/VR association in Netherlands.
Presentation will cover: VR, Immersive content
Presentation time: 13th June at 12:00 pm
Company: AkzoNobel is a leading coatings and paints company whose key products include automotive coatings, interior and exterior paints. AkzoNobel (Dulux) owns the most sophisticated paint factory in the world with an investment just over $100 million and everything is automated.
Number of Employees: 46,000+ employees
Fun Fact: Flexa / Visualiser app by Dulux is the most downloaded VR app in the world.

Aurelie Gritun, Head of Marketing France & Expansion Markets – Yahoo

Aurelie Gritun - Oath

About Aurelie: She helps companies build brand love and loyalty at Oath in France. Her team is responsible for the phenomenal success the company has seen in the French market where 7/10 people use Oath products.
Presentation will cover: Brand Marketing, Research data, Content Marketing
Presentation time: 13th June at 12:30 pm
Company: Oath is a subsidiary of Verizon Inc. and owns brands like Yahoo, AOL, HuffPost, TechCrunch and many more. 
Number of Employees: 375,000+ employees
Fun Fact: Yang and Filo added the exclamation point to the end of Yahoo! because “Yahoo” was already owned by a company that produced BBQ sauce.

George Wright, Head of Internet Research and Future Services – BBC

george wright, BBC

About George: He has one of the best jobs in the top media company where he leads a cross discipline team of engineers, UX designers, production staff and domain experts creating digital services that will become the future of media and broadcasting. 
Presentation time: 13th June at 2:00 pm
Number of Employees: 21,000+ employees

Janine Horsfall, Head of Marketing, BBC Online

Janine Horsfall - BBCAbout Janine: Her team at BBC ensures audience insights is at the heart of all their digital products. She works with George to enable the audience to have full access to content over any and all platforms including AR/VR. 
Presentation will cover:
Immersive Technologies, Future of Content and mobile strategies
Presentation time: 13th June at 2:00 pm
Company: BBC is the largest media broadcaster in the world with services on TV, Radio and Online. In recent years, it has invested heavily into future services to ensure its lead in programming content and relevancy in the years to come.
Number of Employees: 21,000+ employees
Fun Fact: Doctor Who is the longest running show in the history of TV and has a cult following in the millions. All this and the BBC almost canceled the show after the 1st season in 1964.

Tobias Braam, Digital Marketing Lead Benelux – eBay

tobias Braam, Maarktplaats, eBay

About Tobias: He is a CRO and data modelling scientist who took the struggling business to an astonishing profit driven section at eBay.
Presentation will cover: Audience data insights, customised experiences
Presentation time: 13th June at 2:30 pm
Company: Marktplaats (NL) and 2dehands (BE) are the most successful classifieds business in Europe ranking in the top 10 most visited sites in their respective countries and has become a platform where ebay tests most of their marketing campaigns.
Number of Employees: 14,000+ employees
Fun Fact: Warren Buffett sells a lunch date on eBay every year.

Grace O’Rourke Veitch, Head of EMEA – Segment

Grace O Rourke Veitch, Segment

About Grace: She is a 20+ year veteran in the tech industry working for some of the biggest names like Citrix, Storm Technology and now Segment leading a a data driven business strategy. She is also directly responsible for creating 100s of jobs in Dublin through company setup and expansion.
Presentation will cover: Customer actions, Content engagement strategy
Presentation time: 13th June at 3:00 pm
Company: With Segment, developers can stop building tedious and expensive one-off data integrations while business users can get straight to work, turning on their favorite apps right from the Segment dashboard.
Number of Employees: 375,000+ employees
Fun Fact: Segment’s API is about collecting raw, factual data, and they don’t have an API for collecting sessions. Disruptive!

Natalya Menshikova, Director of Marketing & New Media – FashionTV

Natalya Menshikova - fashiontv

About Natalya: She was directly responsible for setting up Fashion TV’s VR channel and online content.
Presentation will cover: VR, Immersive content
Presentation time: 13th June at 3:30pm
Company: FashionTV is a multi-media platform offering a review of global fashion and is independently owned and operated from the headquarters in Paris, London and Vienna.
Number of Employees: 800+ employees
Fun Fact: Fashion TV was the first to launch a fashion VR channel which transports audiences to the cat walk and experience the designs up close.

Ben Williams, Senior Director of Ecosystems – eyeo GmbH

Ben Williams, eyeo, AdBlock Plus

About Ben: He was the first employee at eyeo (AdBlock Plus) prior to which he worked at the German Embassy in Washington. He currently works on creating a sustainable online advertising model.
Presentation will cover: Ad Blocking, Content engagement, Advertising
Presentation time: 14th June at 11:30am
Company: eyeo owns the world’s most popular ad blocker, AdBlock Plus. Though its frowned upon many brands have partnered with the company to improve online advertising practices and use it as a standard now.
Number of Employees: 90+ employees
Fun Fact: Adblock Plus is the most used browser plug-in ever made.


Julian Childs, MD UK & Europe SVP International Business – Business Insider

Julian Childs, Business Insider, BIAbout Julian: Prior to BI, Julian was the VP of EMEA for CBS interactive helping them monetise on data strategy. As the first employee in Europe, Julian has lead the company to become the top news publisher with 6 millions unique views every month. 
Presentation will cover:
Content strategy, user engagement and loyalty, data in marketing
Presentation time: 14th June at 12:00 pm
Company: Business Insider Inc. is publisher of Business Insider, Tech Insider, INSIDER, and ten international editions of Business Insider. Business Insider is the largest business news site in the US and one of the fastest-growing news brands in the world.
Number of Employees: 2,900+ employees
Fun Fact: BI online traffic rivals, AOL, CNBC, CNN and even Forbes as the best site for business news. 350 million unique visitors every month.

Stijn Bannier, Sr. Business Consultant & product Manager Mobile – KLM

Stijn Bannier, KLMAbout Stijn: Stijn combines business analysis, qualitative research and consultancy to offer KLM customers a rounded mobile experience.
Presentation will cover: Product development, customer feedback and long term engagement
Presentation time: 13th June at 12:30 pm
Company: KLM is the flag carrier of Netherlands and manages one of the best social media channels in the travel industry. It was the first airline to employ AI for enhanced and personalized customer experience.
Number of Employees: 35,000+ employees
Fun Fact: KLM has named all their planes after a famous site or building in the country and presents its business class passengers with a miniature replica of these buildings.  

Toni Hopponen, Co-founder and CEO – Flockler

Toni Hopponen, FlocklerAbout Toni: Toni founded Flockler as a means to better engage and create conversion points on social media. Prior to Flockler he worked in app development for the media industry. 
Presentation will cover: AI, Personalised Customer experiences
Presentation time: 14th June at 2:00 pm
Company: Flockler is a platform helping brands to collate, analyse and display user-generated social content on their services, increasing conversion rates and dwell time. Flockler’s current clients include Penguin Books, Eurostar, Royal Mail, and many more.
Number of Employees: 11+ employees

Samantha L Fay – Senior VP Global Brand Strategy – Guinness World Records

Samantha Fay, Guinness World RecordsAbout Samantha: Sam heads the innovation section at GWR ‘The Records Lab’ and works with brands to break unique world records. 
Presentation will cover:
Creating brand world records, content marketing
Presentation time: 14th June at 2:30 pm
Company: Guinness World Records is a global brand, with brand ambassadors on the ground around the world. They have expanded their business across many markets including Publishing, Digital, Events, Business solutions and Television, with record-breaking remaining at the heart of everything they do.
Number of Employees: 375,000+ employees
Fun Fact: President Obama lost his record to Caitlyn Jenner for “the fastest million followers on Twitter”. GWR is the best-selling annual publication in history till date.

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